What happens on TV doesn’t just stay on TV

This morning I was on the news to talk about the book but also keep the infertility advocacy train rolling after the last week. 

These public events and appearances are so far out of my comfort zone it’s laughable. For days before, I tie myself in knots over what I’m going to say, what to avoid saying (I didn’t swear on live TV this time 😂) and how to balance what I personally am working on vs. talking about the greater need.

So I was relieved to finish the convo with the lovely anchor and was walking out to State Street — when all of a sudden, a sound engineer who had heard the segment for the first time at his desk was running up to catch me.

He reached to shake my hand and said “I just had to come up and meet you, because YOUR story is MY story.” He and his wife used IVF to build their family of five 22 years ago. An immediate bond — when you meet somebody in the club, you just know.

I talked about on the segment how I wrote the book so any infertility family could see their story reflected in it.

But it absolutely floors me every time a real person reaches out to tell me,” “I know the feeling.” Or “Same story here.” Or “That’s how it felt for me too.” ❤️

Interactions like his are why I wrote this book, and why I’m so excited to share it with the world in two more days.

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