“Cupcakes Everywhere!” Book Trailer

What happens when everyone else in your life easily achieves something that is always out of reach for you?

In this whimsical reflection on the struggles of infertility, a pair of would-be parents makes it their mission to bake their very own cupcake in a world where it comes effortlessly to everyone — except them.

This empowering book written by a former infertility mom provides an honest and encouraging way to talk with kids about building a family when things don’t go as planned. Lovingly straightforward and relatable, this children’s book is a much-needed celebratory tale for any family that has lived through:
-In-vitro fertilization (IVF)
-Surrogacy and gestational carriers
-Donor eggs and donor sperm
-LGBTQ+ assisted reproductive technology

On sale May 17, 2024 at www.cupcakeseverywhere.com and online booksellers everywhere.
Words by Erin Sarris
Pictures by Bessa Illustration

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